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Stiver Mandolins are hand built one at a time in Polk PA. by me, Lou Stiver in my home workshop. I work alone and do all the work myself. In the past this sometimes even included going into the woods and cutting down the tree that would later become mandolins. At the present time I am using wood from the best wood supplier I have found in 30 years. 

Many times people have asked me why I don't have a Stiver Mandolin web site. I just thought that it would be a nuisance to maintain it. After I'd heard that question many times, I thought that maybe I would devote a small amount of time to making a web site. This is my attempt at making a simple web site.

At the present time Stiver mandolins are made using red spruce tops and figured maple back, sides, and neck, with ebony peghead overlay and bridge. 

Stiver Mandolins started out in 1971 as a hobby, and by 1978 had turned into my "full time" job. I had quit my "day job" in 1978 with the notion that I would give it a year to see if I could make a living by making mandolins. In 1979 I had yet to be sold mandolins under the bed, in the closets, and behind the couch; I was about ready to get another day job when the sales of the mandolins started later in the year, and I haven't been able to keep up with the orders since. 

Today, mandolins are being used in Bluegrass, Jazz, Classic Country, Modern Country, Rock, Irish, Celtic, Gypsy, and virtually every style music in the USA and Europe.



Last updated July, 2023

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